Families4Change is a nonprofit organization that seeks to reduce juvenile offenses, problem behaviors, and truancy in school using a family-based program. Since 1992, Families4Change has provided the Family Solutions Program (FSP) as an early intervention for youth and their families. The multiple family group program allows families to work together in structured activities and facilitated discussions to improve communication skills, practice anger control techniques, foster positive parenting skills and good youth decision-making skills, strengthen advocacy for education, engage in community service and much more.

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Family Solutions Program selected as an Empirically Supported Therapy


     The Family Solutions Program was selected as one of 8 empirically supportedinterventions and summarizes how practitioners might obtain training in these particular models.  For more information on: (1) start up costs, (2) training requirements, (3) materials needed, (4) training opportunities; (5) fidelity of the program, and (6) outcomes reported, refer to Northey, W.F. Jr. & Hodgson, J. (2008), Keys to Implementing Empirically Supported Therapies. Journal of Family Psychotherapy, 19, 50-78. Updated information on training and research regarding the Family Solutions Program can be found on this website.













An Irving, Texas family bakes a cake for the Family Solutions Program graduation session!



(The Rock Springs Wyoming Daily Rocket-Miner Newspaper, Wednesday, November 17, 2010)

Click here to view a power point presentation of the Family Solutions Program implemented in the Sweetwater County School District 1, of Rock Springs, Wyoming.   


Help For Young Victims Urged

Greenville, SC News 1/16/2011 Page A09

State Head of Juvenile Justice and soon to be Head of SC Dept. of Corrections, Judge Byars quoted, 'Help for Young Victims Urged.' 'You can't do these things in pigeonholes, If you have a juvenile who has done something wrong you can't treat that child in isolation. You've got to go out and look at the family, look at the neighborhood". Click here to read the entire article on the Greenville News E- Edition. 




  Richland 2 School District utilizes EEDA grant funds to continue its services to families and students idenitified as "at-risk."



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